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Autumn in Aomori

The North’s Breathtaking Fall Foliage

Donny Kimball
14 min readNov 2, 2018


A leaf is held up against Aomori Prefecture’s Lake Towada during the months of autumn

It’s no real secret that my favorite time of year in Japan is autumn. After all, I have been hammering this point almost daily now on social media. While spring may have its cherry blossoms and summer its festivals, these celebrations simply cannot hold a candle to fall. Not only are temperatures far more bearable than they are in July and August (a popular time to visit) but the entirety of the country comes alive with vibrant hues of red, yellow, and orange. Unbeknownst to many a poor soul who thinks that the cherry blossoms are the pinnacle of Japan’s natural beauty, the turning leaves of autumn are a treat worthy of divinity.

While all of Japan is indeed absolutely breathtaking in autumn, the proximity of many popular sites to civilization can often interfere with one’s experience of the great outdoors. Luckily, this can easily be rectified by simply getting away from the likes of Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka and heading out into the rural prefectures. In recent years, Nikko has been a perennial favorite of mine but I’ve done the place to death already. So, when the powers that be invited me up to Aomori to see what the prefecture has in store for autumn attractions, you better believe that I was chomping at the bit to go.

Much like previous my adventures throughout the Kunisaki Peninsula, a rental car will be recommended for most of the following routes. While some forms of public transportation are certainly available, Aomori is very much a car culture. In my case, I had the luxury of being guided around by automobile. While you may be able to get to any one of the places that I visited via a combination of trains and buses, following in my footsteps will almost assuredly necessitate a rental car. Still, while I cannot vouch personally, I’ll try to include information on public transportation when and where I can.

How to Get There

Paper floats from Aomori Prefecture’s famed Nebuta Festival

Before I dive headfirst into my two day excursion across Aomori, let’s pause for a second to talk about where this prefecture is located and how to get…



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