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  • S.A. Ozbourne

    S.A. Ozbourne

    Canadian in Japan. Teacher, Crime writer, video editor, and pet lover. Follow my journey via my monthly newsletter:

  • Travel Bugs World

    Travel Bugs World

    Lifestyle & Travel Writers sharing inspiration and tips, and ways to improve your life. For our travel guides and stories visit

  • Hogan Torah

    Hogan Torah

    Satirist. Son of a Mouseketeer. Spoofing film, sex, drugs and music. Google me, I auto fill. Professional inquires/nudes to

  • Kiwi Yamabushi

    Kiwi Yamabushi

  • Michael Batko

    Michael Batko

    Learning Enthusiast

  • Chieko Furutani

    Chieko Furutani

    I work as a creator in fashion design, production, and graphics in Japan. I started medium because I wanted you to know my world.Introduce you to my artwork!

  • A Gentleman in Japan

    A Gentleman in Japan

    An Osaka-based storyteller working at a traditional Japanese inn. My passion is to discover half-forgotten tales and share them before they disappear forever.

  • Cody James Howell PhD (Raiden)

    Cody James Howell PhD (Raiden)

    Dr. of Neuroscience | Cofounder of World Traveler’s Blog | Thru-hiker | Educator | Professional Investor | Digital Nomad | Student of Political History

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