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Welcome to Ito

A Hot Spring Town on the Izu Peninsula

Donny Kimball
8 min readOct 1, 2023


The view of Ito City from Mt. Omuro on the Izu Peninsula

In the years since I started writing about Japan, I’ve been down to the Izu Peninsula a shockingly high number of times. Somehow though, I never managed to make it to Ito. Located a mere stone’s throw past the timeworn town of Atami, I somehow just skipped this amazing part of the prefecture despite it having been on my ever-growing bucket list for a while. Knowing that I needed to somehow rectify this mishap, I recently got my act together and finally crossed off this historic hot spring. Especially if you’re a nature lover, you’ll really appreciate a visit to Ito when next in Japan.

As anyone who has been to the Izu Peninsula can attest, there are a lot of options for onsen down here. Why one would choose Ito over alternatives like Shuzenji Onsen has a lot to do with its abundant nature. Though the Izu Peninsula is indeed blessed with scenic vistas, Ito really takes it to another level. From the craggy coastline of the Jogasaki Coast to the picture-perfect slopes of Mt. Omuro, the natural environs of Ito and its surrounding areas are truly the reason that one would want to select it over somewhere else.

While Ito doesn’t really lay claim to an attraction like Yamagata’s Yamadera that would cause one to want to travel all the way there just to see, it does present an eclectic smorgasbord of allures. If you’re anything like me and need to make a concerted effort to get away from the keyboard and spend some time out in nature, a trip to Ito is just what the proverbial doctor ordered. What’s more, Ito is a place that is blessed with many hot springs meaning that there’s a hot bath waiting for you somewhere after a long day of adventuring.

How to Get There

A JR East’s Odoriko Limited Express train heads down to Ito Station on the Izu Peninsula

There are a number of ways that one can reach Ito. Assuming that you’re coming from Tokyo, the best and most efficient means of transportation is none other than JR’s Odoriko limited expresses. With one departing every hour, these speedy trains will take you down to Ito Station in only 100 minutes or so. All in all, the trip will cost you…



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